More Inspiron 8200 news

Just for those who might be interested, the Inspiron has been working out ok
so far.

  • The on-board Ethernet works with Net.ether905.

  • The on-board modem seems to be soft, so I will have to get a modem PCMCIA
    card, no big deal.

  • The display works with the flat drivers and Photon.

  • The touchpad seems to work ok.

  • I partitioned the hard drive so that there is a 2 gig FAT32 partition;
    both XP and QNX with the Fatfsys driver seem to be able to see it ok. I will
    use this to transfer CD images and such back and forth.

  • The CD R/W drive works under QNX, read-only of course.

All-in-all, a success. The only really sticky issue was the boot problem,
which has been resolved.

Kevin Miller wrote:

  • The display works with the flat drivers and Photon.

Can’t imagine you’ll be happy for long with flat drivers.

One downside to having no (reasonable) console support,
is that even an old timer, can’t resort to text mode
development when there is no accelerated graphics
driver available…