seeking help about choise on mkifs or mkefs

First thanks for Mr Mario’s suggestion

Now I have developed the server and client pgms and tend to run them in my PC-104 x86 target. I dont know which type of filesystem I should choose, osimage or flash filesystem. What’s the main differences? Is it the storage size who determines which type should be used (large osimage and little flashfilesystem)?

The pc104 x86 uses a celeron 650MHz and 256MB compactFlash card as stroage. The server and client pgms are the only two applications I want to run in the target. Data is recorded into CF card and will communicate with another x86 desktop in certain time.

Please give me a suggestion based on the description of my target, which type I should take?

Another question is: I tend to use qnet to send termination msg from desktop host to the server and client pgms in the target. However, how can I shut down the qnx system running in the target (I mean, there is no console, no keyboard, no mouse, only through QNET, how to realize the “software shutdown” before I cut off the battery supply)?

Thanks in advance for all your concern

The choice of locating files in either ifs or efs is based on several things:

  • Whether or not you want to make sure the files are always available on the target. If you will always need the file (i.e. flash driver, debugging tools, etc.), put the files in ifs. That way, even if you don’t mount efs (or unmount it), they’ll be there.
  • Whether or not you need to change the files dynamically during runtime. If so, choose efs.
  • Size. IFS is limited in size. I don’t remember what the limit is, but you can overrun it if you try to put everything there. Since the IFS lives in RAM after the boot process, you’re also consuming RAM.
  • Speed. The bigger you make your IFS, the longer it will take to boot. That’s because the entire IFS image is copied into RAM on boot, and this process takes some time. On your configuration, this probably isn’t that big of a deal, but on less powered processors, it can matter.
    –Andy Gryc