6.1 iso md5sum - where?

I have an ISO image of QNX 6.1 and I was wonderin where could I find the md5sum to verify it’s integrity.

I know that there could be more than one. But I d like to check anyway.

Thanks in advance

hey, looks like people still likes qnx 6.1 even though qnx 6.21 is out :slight_smile:

cksum qnxrtp61.iso
2313332395 463765504 qnxrtp61.iso
md5sum qnxrtp61.iso
MD5 (qnxrtp61.iso) = 8d2db8bef362f61cdc0a19d9e8963024

Thanks, I have a perfect match :slight_smile:

I only tried the Win version, and I like it a lot, a big lot. So now I wanna see the full monty.