Virtual Memory problem

I compile some C++ file with GCC. It shows “Virtual Memory Exhausted”
Do I need to increase the virtual memory size? How to do it? :frowning:

You can’t, there is no swap space on QNX, if you are low on RAM, you’ll just need to get some more. Either that, or quit as many apps as you can to free up memory.

GCC is an exception from what I’ve heard but I wouldn’t have a clue how to adjust the swap size.

There use to be a utility called swapctl. On 6.3 Beta 2 (I’m not at my desk and don’t have official 6.3 available), the doc for it is there but ithe binary is nowhere to be found.

I vaguely remember something about gcc not really using swap file which mean you may have to add more ram or reduce the size of your C++ source file and/or header file.