mouse not working in qnx 6.1

i just downloaded the windows installer for qnx 6.1 and everything installed fine, but my mouse isn’t moving. the cursor appears on the screen, but it won’t move. any suggestions? its a plain old ps/2 scroller.

i also noticed that i’m getting a message during bootup that /dev/par1 doesn’t exist. perhaps this has something to do with my problem.

kown issue, discussed in the below old post.
BTW, search the forum with “vmware mouse” should lead you to the same post:

as for /dev/par1 message, just ignore it since you are not using parallel port in vmware.

noc, I don’t see any reference that user1 is using vmware?

sorry, I read too fast :slight_smile:

but the two problems he described make me feel almost certain that he uses vmware. let’s wait and see what he says.