serial connection via ethernet - looking for devices/hardwar

ok, what I need is this :

I have a PC here and a serial device (let’s say a modem) in a different building. the buildings are both in the same ethernet segment (local network). now I want to talk to the modem via ethernet.

does anyone know about a device which transports RS232 via ethernet. any link to a european manufacturer would be appreciated, any link to a german one would be great !

thanks HELGE

Just put a second PC (can be very cheap) and use qnet to access the modem. had a PC104 board for 100$ not long ago ;-)

all right, that’s just what the company I work for does. and we are running qnx 4.25 on both sides, maybe that’s the reason why they charge our customers some thousand EURO for the device. and any time the modem/2nd qnx box shifts place (and /or network adress), someone has to show up and configure the box again. I am not afraid of earning my money this way, but i need a workaround anyone can set up and configure.
thanks anyway for the advice ! but still my question remains …
regards HELGE

Would something like the following do ?

I have seen some other companies making similar devices, but I don’t remember the URL.

Good luck.

thanks a lot, MOXA looks great for my application.
as far as I am concerned, this topic can be closed, i.e. I know where to look now and need no further information.
regards HELGE