Update for QNX 4.25 patch G beta available.

There is an update now available for the QNX 4.25 patch G beta.

Please post any feedback in the qdn.private.beta.qnx425 newsgroup

It contains the following fixes:

QNX 4.25G Changes/Fixes February 06, 2003

This patch includes the following binaries.
For the binaries which were made available in the November 29th, 2002
QNX 4.25G beta please install 425.patchG.beta.021127.tar.F prior to
installing this beta.

Fixed problem with detection of multiple cards.

Fixed problem with command line -M parameter giving an error message.
Note: The Net.ether82557 driver works with the Intel PRO/100 S adapter, but
does not support any of the security features available on this adapter.

Fixed problem with PHY not powering up on certain CardBus adapters.

Fixed a problem with memory allocation on Toshiba Tecra 8100.