porting ntp to QNX 4.25

Hi folks,

Has anyone succesfully ported ntp to QNX 4.25? I´ve been trying with qnx-ntp v1 but had to make too many modifications to at least build it that I´m worried if it will work at all.

Thanks for any help.

On ftp.qnx.com there is a package of ported NTP v1 to QNX4, I’ve made some enhancements to the port. If you want - I’ll send them to you.

Also you may try this port of OpenNTPd.

I personally like OpenNTPd but it lacks the clock-disciplining means by now, they are promised in the future.

Any help will be welcome. Send it. :smiley:

Thanks. I hope I can retribute.

I assume you start with this. First apply the patch from the tarball. Then apply my patch.

After some more time spent on ntp v1 I’ve noticed that the gettimeofday() and settimeofday() in unix3[r|s].lib are defective indeed.
After I’ve replaced them with a home-brew ones - ntpd got more precision.
Where the previous had ~30ms of offset - the newer one has ~3ms.