can QNX be run on a virtual computer?


Can QNX be run on a virtual computer? → such as VMware Workstation? Would that make the QNX operating system not ‘real time’? Any other side effects? Thanks! :slight_smile:

Yes, it does work, and yes it would stop it from being ‘hard’ realtime. Other side effect, may not be quite so responsive, that’s about it.

Not only that, I’ve heard of users of QNX 2 useing VMware to keep their old applications going. Some of the problems, such as the floppy disk not working, go away.

With QNX4 and QNX6 floppy doesn’t work though with VMWare. Aside from that everything else work’s fine.

With QNX6 in vmware I see extremely poor performance, especially with respect to file system activity. Has anybody else seen this? For example, in QNX6 in a VM, I issue “find . -name *.o | xargs rm -f” and it takes about 10 seconds to run, with 100% CPU usage. In Linux in a VM, the same command on the same directories takes about 0.1 second to run.

Similarly, a compilation in Linux (gcc) that takes about 4 minutes will take about 3 hours in QNX6, also with gcc.

Any ideas?