How to load a OS Image and boot ?

I used System Builder to build a very simple OS Image by QNX Momentics Development Suite 6.3.0. I just want to exam whether my target system works or not ? And I combine a IPL file and the bootable ifs file to produce a .bin file. But I don’t know how to load this file to my target hard disk ? And I even don’t know how to boot from that hard disk with my own OS Image ? Could anybody give me some exmples ,which can help me understand how to do my job ? Thanks a lot !

Thanks for your message!
My topic is to build a embedded RTOS on my target board(Intel 845 chipset, Celeron 1.8G,512MB DDR266). I used QNX Momentics 6.3.0
(Host end, Windows XP, PC) to build an QNX Image.
In that progress, I combine a IPL(bios.boot). So I get a Image in binary form.
If I want to boot form my target board by Hard Disk or Compact Flash.
And what’s next step to do ?

Copy that image file to hard disk or compact flash ?
How to let System to boot with that OS Image I had builded ( need some scripts ? or I need to build a bootable floppy ? )?

Anyway, thanks for eveybody’s help ! :slight_smile: