help!! qnx2.16 and Iomega Zip drives 250MB(parallel port)

Help! I have a problem ~ I use QNX2.16 but I don`t use Iomega Zip drives 250MB(parallel port). I no driver and I can not mount zip.Please give me drivers and teach me how to mount .thanks~~ :cry: :cry:

Driver’s are sold by Mitcheal Shoebrun, he was a QNX consultant but had a change in career. You might be able to reach him at:

change in career?
maschoen is still here from time to time.

I know he is but as far as I know he is not into consulting anymore.

My company has used the QNX 2 Zip driver very successfully for a number of years. We had direct contact with Mitchell a year ago. He is not directly active in QNX any more but will still sell the QNX Zip driver. Please contact me if you need his email address.

I sell a driver for QNX 2. You can find more information at: