how to build a basic os image on an empty hard disk and boot

I used System Builder to build a very simple OS Image by QNX Momentics Development Suite
6.3.0. I just want to exam whether my target system works or not ?
And I combine a IPL file and the bootable ifs file to produce a .bin file.
But I don’t know how to load this file to my target hard disk ?
And I even don’t know how to boot from that hard disk with my own OS Image ?
Could anybody give me some exmples ,which can help me understand how to do my job ?
Thanks a lot !

My topic is to build a embedded RTOS on my target board(Intel 845 chipset, Celeron 1.8G,512MB DDR266). I used QNX Momentics 6.3.0
(Host end, Windows XP, PC) to build an QNX Image.
In that progress, I combine a IPL(bios.boot). So I get a Image in binary form.
If I want to boot form my target board by Hard Disk or Compact Flash.
And what’s next step to do ?

Copy that image file to hard disk or compact flash ?
How to let System to boot with that OS Image I had builded ( need some scripts ? or I need to build a bootable floppy ? )?

Anyway, thanks for eveybody’s help ! :slight_smile:

You cannot copy a .bin image to a HD, that is not how HD like device works. You need to read up on how thid stuff work, it. There is a section in the 6.3 about this that is well worth the read.

Image files like you built are for flash device (not CompactFlash). ComactFlash are just like HD. So you must dinit the device then create a partition on it with fdisk , then copy the boot image on it that partation and if need be put data in the filesystem.

I don’t know if that can be done from Windows. Instead I would setup a machine with QNX self hosted and then setup your HD from there.

Booting the disk means taking advantage of the fact that the bios looks for extensions in a predictable DOS manner… and if if finds the stuff it’s looking for in contiguous bytes on the disk it’s quite happy to jump there and do stuff. So there’s 2 loaders that get put in. There’s a qnx fdisk that puts the first loader on and then there’s the dinit command that initializes the disk for qnx and puts the .ifs file where it needs to be. Do look for these in the docs.

Process is

  1. Build .ifs file
  2. Use fdisk to partition the disk and install the 1st stage loader and make bootable.
  3. Use dinit to initalize the partition (sort of like mkfs) and install the .ifs file

At this point your disk should boot.