NFS timeout?

Is there a way to specify a timeout when attempting to mount an NFS
directory under QNX 4.25? I have a script that I run that will launch a
data logging application. I would like the script to attempt to NFS mount a
remote directory and then log the data in that directory if mounting was
successful. If it was unable to mount the directory, then I want it to log
data to a directory on the local hard disk.

The problem I’m having is that mount_nfs doesn’t seem to timeout if it can’t
reach the remote directory. “use mount_nfs” gives:

mount_nfs [-rwv] rhost:path mount_point

-r The file system object is to mountd read-only
-v verbose mode
-w The file system object is to be read/write

Any ideas what I should do? Right now the script just hangs when I attempt
to mount the remote directory when there is no path to the remote directory