gdb problem

Dear all,

I have a strange problem. I write a program with a class CSendData which

I write myself. I can compile it and run it. The program works very well.
But while I debug the program, several error accure.

the first error is :

/home/jm/workspace/Senddataclient/x86/o-g/Senddataclient_g at symbol ‘CSendData’ found in
/home/jm/workspace/Senddataclient/senddata.cpp psymtab but not in symtab.
CSendData may be an inlined function, or may be a template function
(if a template, try specifying an instantiation:CSendData)

The second error is :

/home/jm/workspace/Senddataclient/x86/o-g/Senddataclient_g at ui_out:list depth exceeded; only 4 level
of lists can be nested.

What can I do ? Can I edit the the ui_out to change the list depth?