Trouble using "Bison" for QNX


I need some help as I need to use Bison for QNX. When I pass it the grammar file, it runs fine, but at the end gives a message
“file not found : usr/share/bison/bison.simple”. Is it a missing file needed by Bison? If so how should I get it?

I am using the QNX Neutrino Host v6.3.

I would much appriciate help on this.

From the 6.3.0 release notes:

On Neutrino self-hosted, bison.simple is located in ${QNX_HOSt}/usr/share/bison, but the tools expect to find it
in /usr/share/bison. (Ref# 18563)


  o	Update your profile to include these exports: 

	export BISON_SIMPLE=$QNX_HOST/usr/share/bison/bison.simple
	export BISON_HAIRY=$QNX_HOST/usr/share/bison/bison.hairy

  o	Create the following link: 

	ln -s /usr/qnx630/host/qnx6/x86/usr/share/bison /usr/share