please help! memory issues

I have a Compaq Presario 4824, on which QNX only finds 16 of the 192mb
of memory present. QNX resides on its own parition, booting directly w/
its bootloader and not from a win9x/DOS menu. There doesn’t seem to be a
way to disable the memory hole (if you know of one, tell me!). I tried
running ramtrap from a terminal (yes, I was logged in as root) and got
this error regaurdless of what arguments I gave it:

/bin/ramtrap[1]: 8: not found
/bin/ramtrap[1]: R: not found
/bin/ramtrap[3]: %C: not found
/bin/ramtrap[4]: %C: not found
/bin/ramtrap[5]: Options:: not found
/bin/ramtrap[6]: syntax error: ‘(’ unexpected

How can I get QNX to find my memory?