I used the media player phplay provided by QNX6.2.1B to play media
files, but when I just open the file,the player pop up an dialogue said"can’t load the plugin ‘’",and I found was in /usr/photon/lib.I don’t know why,how could I play the media file?
Can anyone help?

Maybe the discussion below is helpful?

6.3.0 does not inlcude a mp3 decoder by default. To play this you need to 1) Use a thirdparty mp3-decoder 2) Buy the Multimedia TDK.
Also, you are trying to use the 6.2.1 Multimedia kit. IMO this one totaly sucks. Convert to use the New 6.3.0 one if you are using 6.3, if you are using 6.2.1, you should not get this error…


If you want to try the 6.2.1 kit, get the mpeg621 from: … lease_id=6

It seems above URL is down. You can find all “qnxzone projects” files mirrored at