How to localize...

I live in Turkey and I wonder if I could add turkish support to QNX. I and
my team did it for AmigaOS versions (3.0-3.1-3.5 and the coming 3.9) under
Amiga Translators Organization (ATO) name.

I am sure that localizing should be that easy like on Amiga. I think you
are familiar with it but a quick summary: there are *.ct files, *.cd files
and compiled *.catalog files. For compiling we use Commodore’s CatComp
utility. cd means Catalog Description and ct means Catalog Translation. In
addition, we have *.country files (compiled again) which include a country’s
Time/hour,money,language etc…Ah, and the keymap file (tr) of course…

It seems that here there are friendly people who work for Qnx, so I
volunteer to do my best to localize Qnx into turkish.