fs-cifs plaintext password


When mounting a smb share on another machine, fs-cifs
requires a password as a command-line option. I’d like
to have fs-cifs startup automatically…is there a
reasonably safe way to do this (i.e. without having the
plaintext password lying around the qnx partition)?
Obviously, I can put the script file in a root-access
only directory, but I’m really looking for something like
the smbpasswd file in the samba distribution that does
encryption on the passwords. I wouldn’t mind being prompted
for a userid/password when the fs-cifs executes, so I
guess I can write a little script for that instead. Maybe
there is an alternative to fs-cifs that I can use?

I don’t really have much of a grasp of the security issues
on QNX machines. How would you do it?