Internet problem with QNX 6.21

I have Installated at Home Qnx 6.21

I have Internet with FastWeb ( DHCP )
…but i not have some information for to connect QNX in Internet

“destination” is … ?

where is solution ? there someone ?

I use :
VIA VT6105 Rhine III Faste Ethernet Adapter

Can you elaborate your question?
QNX 6 should auto detect your ethernet card and get the IP address from DHCP server.
You can “see” the Internet.

Run “ifconfig -a” command in a Terminal and see if it grabs an IP address properly.

After installation
QNX ask me configuration-network

if not configure network the responce is :
FLAGS=8009 <up,loopback,multicast> mtu 33212
capabilities=7 > ip4csum,tcp4csum,upd4csum>
enable=9 <>
inet netmask = 0xff000000

after configuratione network (correct HostName, Domaina, Default Gateway,2 name server .)
responce is :
Netmanager erroor:could not set route ( dest ): network is unreachable…
…and DefaultGateway to back “Blanck”

new solution ?

(Linux and Windows not have problems )

Problem is in my LAN or on my configuration ?

where is solution ?

QNX can’t auto detect your ethernet card.

I am not sure if your card is supported. You could try to manually start the ethernet driver with a VID and DID from a “pci -v” command. See this thread on how to do that.

I think your right. According to the QNX website the following VIA network cards are supported:

VT6305 1106: 0926 ARM, MIPS, PPC, SH4, X86 PCI
VT86C100 1106: 3042 X86 PCI
VT86C100A 1106: 6100 X86 PCI
VT86C100A 1106: 3043 X86 PCI

Francoaz, what device id is your VIA VT6105 Rhine III Faste Ethernet Adapter ?

You want this information ?

Run “pci -v” from a terminal and post the results. device id (DID) should be there, along with VID (Vendor ID), etc.

There’s always the usual question with qnx621 of has the install been finished?

I am really sad :cry: :cry: :cry:

I have just discovered that “vendor id” it has code 1106
and “device id” code 3106

is it possible to change value code “3106?” how? :cry:

only one solution ?

change the Ethernet Card ? :cry:

Have you tried the suggestions (manually start the drive) I gave above? Read the two links given in my post if you want to learn the details.

I have seen your indications and cerchrò to follow her

the answer to pci - v is:

class = network (ethernet)
vendor id = 1106, via technologies inc
device id = 3106h, unknown
pci index = 0h
pci id address ) 0h lenght 256 disabled
pci int pin = inta
interrupt line = no connection

class codes = 020000h
revision id = 85h
bus number = 2
device number = 10
function num =0
status reg = 04h
heeader type = 0h single function
bist = 0h build-on-self-test not supported
latency timer = 20h
cache line size = 8h un-cacheable
substystem vendor id = 1106h
subsystem id = 105h
max lat =8nS
min gnt = 3nS
capabilities pointer = 40h
capability id = 1h
capabilities = fe02h-0h

This is the post I was referring to. It is the 5th post if you count from the top.

I will quote it here.

Anyway, now that you posted the “pci -v” output, you can try:

slay io-net
io-net -d via-rhine vid=0x1106,did=0x3106 -p tcpip

then do “ifconfig -a” to see if you have the “en0” interface. If so, you can launch the Network config GUI to configure it.

Again, check this thread for details, and things like how to make it “permanent/automatic” after reboot.