IAX, SIP or H.323 client ??

I am looking for an IAX, SIP or H.323 IP phone application. Do you know of one ?

The idea is getting it to work on my 3Com Audrey …


I believe xtang has ported openh323 and ohphone application to QNX 6.

Should still in 3rd party CD. There is even a photon based “phMeeting” which use ohphone to talk to NetMeeting. :slight_smile:

I recently had the same idea. A phone on the audrey would be great. Have you had any luck?

Where can I get the 3rd party cd? Can I just get the code somewhere?

3rd party CD ISO image can be found at

If you only need the source code, you can get it from

I’ve played around with openh323 but it may not be the ideal solution for running on the audrey. It seems rather large and I would prefer to just use IAX straight to an asterisk server.

Iaxclient seems very light weight and I think I could put together a photon fronend for it.

First I need to port it to QNX. It seem to compile almost completely until it cannot find a /machine/soundcard.h file. How does QNX handle sound? Can someone point me toward good reference? Obviously I need access to both audio in and out.