Newbie:I've trashed my launch bar/shelf/task bar whatever

Yes I was stuffing about inside the Shelf Cfg applit trying to plend the 2
bars together (the launch bar/task bar on oneside & the shelf bar on the
otherside), By putting a launch bar & task bar on the same side as the
shelf bar with all the shortcuts, then deleting the original launch & task
bar. But I got a big GUI crash. Now I just get a blank Desktop & if I right
click the mouse & click ‘shelf Cfg’ in the contextual menu nothing happens.

How do I get everything back? Thanks.

BTW, I’m new to Unix, so I’m just wondering how I set up my printer (Epson
600, its s’pose to be supported), so I can click the printer button on say
the voyager button bar & the page prints away.

I managed to install the wheelmouse driver from QNXstart by walking into a
bookstore & copying the ‘gunzip filename.tar.gz’ & the ‘tar xvf
filename.tar’ terminal commands out of a Unix book & using them, then
searching arround for a file with the same name to replace. & it all worked
out ok.

Do I need to know some esoteric terminal commands to re-install my GUI & set
up my printer? (the terminal still comes up when I click it in the
‘rightclick’ contextual menu)

BTW, There’s a ESS Maestro2 driver avaliable at BeBits, would it be possible
to reverse engineer that for QNX?

If worse come to worse I’ll spose I’ll have to re-install.

Also can someone recommend a good Unix book that pertinent to QNX, that also
explains all the BASH commands?