Transfering files from QNX to Windows via TCP/IP

Hello all, kinda new to QNX. What is the best way to transfer files from a QNX machine to a Windows machine? Is there a tool out there that I can install on my Windows box and connect to the QNX (4.25) box and see a list of files and transfer them?

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You need to install and configure SAMBA on QNX4.25 ( it’s somewhere on QNX ftp site). You could also use a good FTP client on Windows, FTP is much easier to configure then SAMBA.

Microsoft have a SFU (Services for UNIX) package available that provides NFS support at the windows end. Configure the Windows end as the server and run the NFS client on QNX. It way easier to get NFS running than samba on some Windows installations…

Interesting, look around on Microsoft site and found: … efault.asp

Need to have a passport account though.

Is Phindows a tool for a Windows platform to access file on a QNX box? If so, can it be used to copy files from and to the QNX box from the Win box? Does this product have to be purchased from QNX?

phindows is a thin client to connect to a qnx box from a windows box over tcp/ip or modem. once you are connected, it acts as if you were sitting right in front of the qnx box, i.e. you can move the cursor, type in commands, start applications etc. there are different options to start with, for example you can run phindows using the same cursor as the person on the remote qnx box, or a second (third, fourth …) one. phindows requires very little resources from the windows’ side.
you can’t transfer files by these means, but samba is a good option and there is a lot of helpful material posted here.
as for the bad news, you have to buy phindows, as far as i know. if you are still interested, i can mail to you some 3 or 4 pages of the docs to let you see if it is worth your money.
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