dumper/wvideo core dumps in QNX 4 watcom

Has anyone actually managed to use a dump file generated by dumper (a bit like unixes coredumps) in wvideo? how is one supposed to view the information in them, we have tried using the symbol file and the dump file on the command line with wvideo -TRap=pmd.

It just doesn’t seem to work but is clearly documented in the manual.

Try to use wd.
The command line is the same: “wd -tr =pmd file.dmp”.

Yeah and wd works great, use it all the time.

But is it possible to show the source code of the place that crashed also? or is it assembler only? will watcom 10.6 wd work with dumps from older compilers?.

wd will show assembler if your crashed code was wrote using Photon´s library, but if you used C functions, the code will be shown.

Ok , That is a bit strange because for pure C code i am still getting only assembler (and it looks like incorrect assembler too) so I guess that wd/dumper only work with 10.6 generated wcc binaries…