Install QNX without FloppyDisk

I don’t have a floppy disk but i want to install QNX on my system.
How can i do ?

ps: hum… plse don’t tell me to buy a floppy…

You don’t need a floppy to install QNX6/4 just boot from the CD.

Well… i’ve just downloaded QNX 6.0 for ms Windows.
After the execution of the installer, it asks me to prepare a floppy disk…
I have created a FAT32 partition on my HD…
so … i don’t know what you mean when you write that i don’t need a floppy… ??

6.0? Where did you get that.

You can boot and install from the CD if you install QNX6.3 in its own partition and not in side a windows partition.

floppy is needed if you want to boot the QNX on the FAT 32.
of course, you can use other method to do the boot, as discussed at