need help w/ very slow mpeg-1 playback


I just installed QNX RTP and everything apparrently went smoothly.
However, when I try to play MPEG-1 video files I get about .5 frame
per second. That is 1/2 frame per second. I even downloaded the QNX
multimedia package and the 30Mb QNX video and have identical problems
with them.

The video files I’m using are 320x240, 29.97fps, 1150Kbps CBR MPEG-1.
When trying to play them the CPU monitor looks like it runs from 0-5%,
more or less idle.

My system is a Dell Dimension v400c. This is a BX board w/ integrated
ATI Rage Pro video (correctly detected), 96Mb PC100 SDRAM, Celeron
400. I have an integrated Yamaha audio chip but I disabled it in the
bios and installed an Ensoniq Audio PCI (ES1370). It looks like
everything is correctly installed video playback is terrible.

Any suggestions?