finding an IDE hard drive

I have a little system which boots off flash and I’d like to be able to
access the hard drive.

I’ve made sure that the hard drive is enable in the BIOS, and when I type

/sbin/devb-eide cam verbose

I get the following output

[00] SIM="" HBA=“EIDE”
[00,0,0] type=00 ver=01 resp=00 QUANTUM FIREBALL
scsi_interpret_sense: path=0, target=0, lun=0, cam+status=c4, scsi_status=2
scsi_interpret_sense: error=70, sense=5, asc=24, ascq=0
plus more scsi_interpret_sense errors…

After this nothing happens, and no h* devices appear in /dev/

I’m thinking that there are too many zeroes in the message and that
something’s wrong - but what?

I haven’t tried putting custom IRQ and I/O ports because I have no idea how
to find out what they are. (any hints?)

Anyway. All I really want is help interpreting those SIM and type and resp
numbers - what should those be?



Dana Echtner \ Real-Time Systems Administrator / ECE, Concordia University, Montreal, Canada

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