video drivers

Hi all-

I just installed QNX RTP on an AMP Tiny786LP computer. It boots as it
should and provides me with network access. Network access surprised me
because I hadn’t installed drivers for the on-board RealTek RTL8139C
ethernet adapter chip, but if it works I won’t complain…

However, I can’t get decent video resolution. The video adapter is an
on-board Trident CyberBlade i7 AGP chip. “crttrap query” tells me:
io-graphics -g640x480x8
-Pvga4.pal;#640,480,4,100,0,vga - safe mode
When I try to improve the resolution in Launch → Configuration
→ Video display, the highest resolution I am offered is 640x480. I
know that I have seen higher resolutions in QNX with this chipset, but
don’t know how to get it working on mine. So far I haven’t been able to
find drivers anywhere that are specific to the chip, either. Can anyone
help me?