help with server

Hello i am new to this but i just recently got a server dont ask me where from just its 2nd hand lol and when i boot up it goes loading QNX it loads up qnx and all i get is a screen with large text going QNX in white pixelated writing can someone tell me how to get into the actual os or how can i start off finding what version it is i dont know what to do or anything so help please thanks

Login and run uname, my guess is it’s QNX4

how do i login lol there is no field 2 login all i see is QNX roflmao i dont even know the login detials if there are any

Try Ctrl-Alt-1 , Ctrl-Alt-2, etc to see if you can switch to virtual console 1, 2, etc. Hit a Enter and see if you can get a login prompt.

On the other hand, if you don’t know the password, you won’t be able to login even if you do see the login prompt. You will probably need to boot from floppy/cdrom and “fix/remove” the root password…