Regarding the 3Com 3c905 card..

Sorry it took so long, I finally had the chance to boot my main machine
into QNX. Here’s the resulting output:

#io-net -dtulip -del900 verbose -ptcpip
Found device:(10b7,9050 at index 0)
Caps (10a6). Card is a 90X
media_options: e040
el900_init_phy: speed:0, duplex: 0
PHY found at address 24.
Media options: e040
Internal Config: 16302d8
Unable to determine active media
:: pauses about 10 seconds ::
Link up 1 (10bT)

slaying and then re-running the dhcp client just gives on this
card. On the internal card (I have an internal DHCP server), it grabs an
IP fine (this is the tulip based card).

Looking for suggestions,