GCC 3.3 on QNX 6.3

I installed QNX 6.3 Momentics Eval version, but I can only find gcc 2.95. Where is the new GCC 3.3 ?


When I do a ‘ls /lib/gcc’ I see a 2.95.3 and a 3.3.1 subdirectory.

However when I do a ‘gcc -v’ it only shows 2.95.3 for the version.

I know we are using 3.3.1 but in our make files we had to specially tell gcc which version we wanted to use to get 3.3.1.

Of course I have a full 6.3 version (not an Eval) so YMMV.


You can use qcc with the -V options to pick compilers. That is the offical QNX way of doing things. However, if you are using NC, try look in /usr/bin for the various full named versions of gcc rather then just the plain gcc.

ls /usr/bin/gcc

finally found it, it’s lurking under the name ntox86-gcc-3.3.1

thanks for your help :slight_smile: