Service Pack 1 and Fdisk problem

Today I just did the upgrade on our 6.3 server to SP 1.

Everything completed just fine and the system came up successfully on re-boot. So I assumed everything was good.

So I went ahead and then upgraded my compact flash cards to 6.3 SP1 as well using our boot rig where we place the CF card into a machine that has 6.3 on a HD (I also updated this machine to SP 1 as well) that I boot from and then copy the images to the CF card.

Well the first thing I noticed is that my CF card is no longer bootable! I placed it in our machine and I get a DISKBOOT failure that appears to be because the QNX partition (the only partition on the CF card) is not set to be bootable.

So I pulled the CF card back out and put in back in the bootrig intending to use fdisk to set the partition bootable. But to my surprise fdisk is now returning wacky values. Both for the CF card, my server machine’s HD and the bootrig HD.

This is what I get from running fdisk on my server:

Ignore Next Prev 1 2 3 4 Change Delete Boot Unboot Restore Loader Save Quit

    _____OS_____     Start      End     ______Number_____    Size    Boot
	        name    type    Cylinder  Cylinder  Cylinders  Blocks

→ 1. nonQNX (180) 98527 26795 -71731
-1152363581153447MB *
2. nonQNX (205) 0 -1 0 0 0 MB *
3. ______ () _______ _______ _______ _________ _____
4. ______ (
) _______ _______ _______ _________ _____

Choose a partition by typing the partition number OR moving the pointer
with the UP/DOWN arrows. Then, choose one of the actions on the top line of the screen.

Drive : /dev/hd0t79 Config: 255 Heads
Size : 76293 Mbytes 63 Sectors/track
Loader: QNX 9726 Cylinders
512 Block Size
Last cylinder is 9725

Look at that CRAZY output. There is only 1 partition and it is a QNX one and the values for the HD size are completely wacked. I get similar stuff for the CF and bootrig HD.

Doing a ‘which -l fdisk’ gives me:

-rwxrwxr-x 1 root root 92916 May 05 2004 /sbin/fdisk

Everything on the server and bootrig comes up fine, just the CF will no longer boot on it’s own even tho when placed in the bootrig machine it will boot when the bootloader asks which drive I want to boot from (HD or CF) so everything is technically OK on the CF.

Is there something else that needs to be done with SP1 that’s not obvious with regards to the upgrade (obviously I used the CD-Rom with SP1 to upgrade the server and bootright but not the CF since that is created using our own set of scripts). Maybe the bootloader or something?



What exactly you gave for fdisk…

you should give

fdisk /dev/hd0 or fdisk /dev/hd1 & not the partition /dev/hd0t79 or /dev/hd1t79

Because there is no problem in the fdisk in sp1, i checked it…

It won’t be fdisk, it’ll be devb-eide that has changed in how it determines the disc geometry CHS totals. And hopefully for the better. You may have to erase the old boot block/partition table and start over.