Newbie Question HELP Getting back to XP from QNX

I have RTP 6.1 loaded on my XP Pro system. With PartitionMagic and and Boot Windows (not the full blown BootMagic), I was able to select the QNX partition and rebooted. All worked fine and I exited.

My problem is that I want to get back to XP. How do I do that? When I reboot I am asked to replace a disk.

Is there something in QNX when I exit that I need to release to allow another partition to boot (my XP)

A bit more information will be helpfule.
I doubt QNX installation will automatically add itself to the PartitionMagic Boot Menu.
Do you still have Windows XP in the boot menu when you reboot? Is the “replace a disk” message from windows, qnx or your boot loader?

Did you install QNX into a FAT partition?