VMWare 4.5 and QNX 6.3.0


QNX 6.3.0 does not run when used in VMware (4.5.2) environment. Basically QNX does not boot - it complains “unable to open /dev/par1” and the boot process fails - I saw few postings that complained about this error.
Well I could it get to work after some tinkering - please note these changes have nothing to do with the article found on this website - the article talks about older VMWare and older QNX.
During the QNX boot process do the following

  • Press space bar
  • Select F11 - “enumerator disabled”
  • Select F1 - “Legacy ISA Devices” (not the same words -somethign similar)
    (set Verbose F6 - if you want that is very helpful)

That is all I did - it works so far - I can open Momentics …

Any comments/ questions?

The error /dev/par1 is normal because vmware doesn’t emulate parallel port.

As for the doesn’t boot process, you’ll have to give more info. Only think I can suggest is remove the floppy from the virtual machine.

As mentioned in openqnx.com/Article349.html , there is a known issue with floppy emulation in vmware. Not sure if this is your problem, but can you try to disable the floppy emulation in your vmware config?

Thanks that was the problem

With vmware 5.0 (still in beta) and QNX6 that issue seems to be resolved.

Interesting, do they fixed audio issues …

Don’t know, cause don’t care for audio on development machine.