I really need a hand here.. :(

Ok first let me say I’m really new to the world of QNX and I primarly live
in Windows and Apple worlds. Well I need to venture here now… I grabbed
the RTP of QNX and loadded it on to my AMD1.2 Ghz Athlon with 256Mb Ram,
Gave it 800Mb of space to play in and have a GForce 2Mx 400/64Mb Vidio card
and a Fortizimo Suround Sound card and a D-Link DFE-538TX/R Nic.

Now here are the questions that the answers to can possibly make my life

1.) How do I setup the Nic to connect and share file on my Windows Me based
2.) How do I connect as a client to a windows Me box running ICS so the QNX
box can surf the internet?
3.) How do I get QNX to see my sound card, it can emulate an SB card but
Currently I have no sound in QNX.

Any help would be hot…

Richard Morton
Perplexed but keen supporter of QNX…