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I tried to put QNX demo onto a floppy, but it hasn’t worked. I followed the intructions in the readme.txt file. Maybe I am misunderstanding it. Has anyone got a more in-depth process description?

Maybe I have the wrong version too… the readme says “Windows 95/NT/3.1 version” and I am using XP.

Any help would be appreciated,

would you please repeat from where you downloaded the ‘demo’ and the ‘readme.txt’ ? i used to write bundlefuls of floppy disks without any problems, so maybe it’s only a minor misunderstanding.
regards HELGE

I downloaded the zip that contained the exe, bat, dat and readme.txt from a link that was on this forum. I think i chose the modem one.

so you followed the readme.txt, did you see any errors while it tries to create the boot floppy? Did you see any activities on the floppy drive (flashing light)? If you reboot the system with the newly created floppy, what’s the error?

Well, there was a dos type screen flash up and go away quick, before i could see it do anything.

I’ve since tried it on a win98 machine and it worked fine. I have the disk in an old laptop at the moment and it’s all happy.

I kinda figured that xp would fall under the NT part of “Windows 95/NT/3.1 version” but it didnt. Interesting note for future use i guess.

The question now is, is one able to save to the hdd, or can one only save to floppy?

well, you could open a “cmd” window and manually run the .bat in there. this should print out the messages on the screen.

anyway, now that you have the demo floppy created, you can just use it to boot your XP machine.

I want to install the GCC (compiler c++) for QNX 6.0 for windows. Anybody know where i can download it ?

I think GCC is on the “QNX 6.0 ISO”, available at the same place where you downloaded “QNX 6.0 for Windows”.

hi! … i want to install the qnxde files into the qnx demo. i’ve downloaded them to a CD, because the computer i want to use with the demo floppy has no internet conection. thanks!

(sorry about my english)

so I guess you’re finally on the road …

by the way, disk space does not cost a fortune, and running QNX from a harddisk saves a lot of hassle and offers great fun.

how about that ? anyway, you cannot impress nobody with an OS running from a floppy disk, as everybody owns a handheld telephone by now, which runs a complete computer (or something like that) from … hmm … kind of a nutshell.

go ahead !

What is actually the functionality of this floppy? Is it still possible to run Photon, Dial-Up and a web browser out of that floppy as it was under QNX4?

If that is the case, then I think putting it on the floppy is still a good thing. By now, most of the handheld computers have at least 16 MB Flash Memory, more likely 64 MB, to store the OS and programs. Most people will dimly remember that a floppy disk has only 1.44 MB capacity, and if you can squeeze your OS onto that medium and still provide some useful features then it can be quite impressing.


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