Small Footprint QNX on SC410 PC

I have an opportunity to acquire some Internet PC’s that were made by a defunct company called GlobalPC. These machines at present are configured to run Geos. But I would like to run an operating system that is not extinct. I have played with tiny versions of Linux and I have had some limited success. These machines can run DOS too. But if I have to pay big money to update every machine its not going to be profitable or worth the trouble. They are based on an AMD Elan SC410-100AC processor with just under 8M of EDO DRAM. The small footprint is one of the biggest challenges. They have an ALI M5042 and M5113 chipset. They also have one 1.4M floppy and a 4.3G hardisk. The VGA chip is an IGS Technologies CyberPro 2010 that supports SVGA and NTSC composite video. They have a PS/2 interface mouse and keyboard. They are also configured with a Yamaha YMF715-ES sound chip and a Conexant R6764-63 modem. I would really like to see if I could get QNX running on this machine. Hardware upgrade on these machines are impractical.


I am afraid you will have to pay BIGGER money for QNX license than DOS, which makes it even less profitable.