I am using a SIIG RS232 4 Port serial card part #LP-P40011. When I use show_pci the following info is displayed for the card;

BASE ADDRESS = IO@b400h length 32 bytes MEM@ed104000h, 32 bit length 4096 IO@b800h length 32 bytes MEM@ed105000h, 32 bit length 4096

I have the following in the sysinit for Dev.ser

Dev.ser 3f8,4 2f8,3 b400,5 b800,5 &

I get the port parameters set up properly. However, I can not communicate with the external device. I know the external device is working properly because I can talk to it over /dev/ser1. I have used this product in the past with success. However the latest model is revised. I don’t understand why I only see 2 IO address reported by show_pci. On the older model I got 4 IO addresses. I believe this has something to do with my problem but I don’t know where to go from here.

Any help or insight would be greatly appreciated.