App Builder C++ ?

Hello all, im new in qnx, im doing a project, and i have a few questions, and sure there will be more.

The first one is: Can app builder V.2.01 can generate C++ code?
i think that it is possible, but i create a project then compiled it and the code it generated was in C, not C++, does any one of you knows where, or how i can generate C++ code?
anyway im doing the code in C, but could be very usefull to do it in C++

thanks very much.

And another question is with PtFileSel, i inserted a PtFileSel, it only shows the files “*.txt” for my project, and i have a buton “Change file to directory B”, and i need to move the selected file from directoryA to directoryB, the problem is that i dont really know how to select the files, cause the user wont have mouse to select them, he will use buttons called “Up” and “down”.

Hello Marcopolo,

The App builder AFAIK cannot generate C++ code, but you can code in C++ once the UI is generated. That’s what cdm did with
KillerIRC if I’m not mistaken.

Now, if you want to do pure C++ development, and are not afraid of leaving the App Builder, you can have a look to the
Zinzala SDK (sorry, shameless advertisement, I know …) :

Hope this help,


well, thanks fro ur response, i think ill continue doing my design in in C, and a few things in C++, actually im having more problems understanding the App Builder, functions, and how to interact with the widgets.


Sorry, can’t help you … you see, I never ever used the app builder … I’m an old school UI developer I guess :wink:

Good luck.