QNX bootloader

I did a little searching, but couldn’t really find what I want.
I screwed up my buddy’s laptop, which has qnx installed (I think it’s v6.3) After installing windows on it, it wiped out the bootloader and i can’t select the partition to enable in windows disk manager.

I tried booting up qnx with the cd, and mount /dev/hd0t79, but it says Resource busy.

Can you guys tell me how to “go into” the harddrive, and edit the bootloader. Obviously right now, it’s booting off of the cdrom.

I sort of know how to use linux, but I have no idea what’s going on here in qnx.


If your old boot manager was on the MBR, I guess it got replaced by the QNX loader. Can QNX be booted successfully from hard disk?

When you boot from the hard disk, do you see something like:

Boot Partition x ? x
(where x is a number 1, 2, 3, 4 etc)

If so, you could try to hit a different partition number to boot into the Windows partition.

Or are you trying to recover the QNX boot loader? I think after boot from CDROM, you can “fdisk /dev/hd0 loader” to reload QNX default boot loader (check “use fdisk” first).