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Hiya all…

Sorry if this message appears twice, I posted it last night and I can’t see
it on the newsgroup tonight…

I installed QNX on my system last year, and had no probs. Now the hard
drive is full, and so I have installed a Western Digital WDC WD400BB -
32AUA1 ( 40GB ). Since then, QNX doesn’t want to play the game, not even
when the old hard drive is removed and I start a fresh system on the new
hard drive, or even when the new hard drive is completely removed from the

Western Digital drives use a system called “EZ-Drive” to install the drive
and allow the bios to recognise large drives. Does anyone know of a way to
make this compatible with QNX? Even with the new hard drive removed, the
EZ-Drive resides in the BIOS.

My QNX boot runs something like this :

Unable to allocate resource : Resource temporarily unavailable.
Range check failed (IO) - Dev 7010 - Vend 8086 - Class 10180 - Addr ffa0
size 10
Range check failed (IO) - Dev 7020 - Vend 8086 - Class c0300 - Addr ff40
size 20
Range check failed (IO) - Dev 7010 - Vend 8029 - Class 10ec - Addr ff80 size
Detected EIDE - Scanning for devices
This can take up to 30 seconds…

After this, the system completely hangs.

From windows device manager, I was able to obtain the following which is
relevant to the above addresses :

I/O address Device
ffa0 - ffa7 Primary IDE controller ( dual fifo )
ffa0 - ffaf Intel 82371SB PCI Bus Master IDE Controller
ffa8 - ffaf Secondary IDE controller ( dual fifo )
ff40 - ff5f Intel 82371SB PCI to USB Universal Host Controller
ff80 - ff9f Realtek RTL8029 Ethernet Adapter and Compatibles

I was using QNX 4 previously, but downloaded the 29MB self extracting
version of QNX 6.1 a few nights agoand still no luck.

Any help greatly appreciated.

Scott Critchley.