file system performance

Hello all,

I’ve been playing around with the RTP’s QNX file system on an embedded
system with a PCMCIA IDE interface solid state hard disk (capacity 1GB).
The computer is a 133MHz AMD 520 x86-compatible machine (DIMM-PC from
JumpTec) with 32MB of RAM. I’ve found that I can only achieve about 140k a
second writing to the flash disk drive using devb-eide, but that if I write
to the raw disk in /dev/hd1 (for instance with “time dd if=/dev/hd0
of=/dev/hd1 count=100000”) I get about 350k a second.


My system is going into a data logging application where I will be
accumulating data at rates as high as 200kb/sec. Is there any way to
squeeze better performace out of the QNX/RTP devb-eide file system or must I
write to the raw disk to get the transfer rate that I want? Is there a
different/better way?


Jason Farque