which watcom version ? which qnxwindows version?

I notice that with 4.25G watcom 10.6 is included… 9.5 seems to have been the official compiler with 4.2* which compiler is best to use? which compiler is validated? 10.6 seems to be labeled as Beta, but did it ever get out of beta? what advantages does it offer?

Similar question regarding QNX Windows, the latest QNX windows package i can find is 4.21 for 4.2x , however some programs i downloaded from (for example Bpict from Basis) say they require version 4.23 of QNXWindows? I have never been able to locate a version of 4.23 of QNXWindows. later 4.25 patch sets did include some newer drivers but didn’t bump up the main qnx version (as reported in /etc/version/winrt).
does anyone know of a screen or screen_event greater than 4.21B? and a qwslib > 4.21G

The whole version situation is quite strange with QNX4, there is a version for the whole operating system (QNX 4.25) , then there is a version for “packages”, then there is versions for individual components and versions stored in /etc/version, sometimes they aren’t incremented how they should be so its difficult to know if you have the 'latest" and greatest software.

I don’t know where you got the idea that 9.5 is the official compiler for 4.2* but it’s not. 10.6 has been out for a very long time. 11.0 beta has been dropped before being official release, when Watcom got out of the compiler business.

Qnx Windows is not supported anymore (officially) you need to contact Sales to get a hold of the latest version.

Version number QNX 4.25 only apply to the OS not the “whole operating system”. Every module ( OS, QNXWindows, TCP/IP, Watcom, Photon) have their own version number which you can obtain by reading /etc/version, doing a sin ver or via the installer that is located on the CD.