Setting up input devices

I have QNX6 installed on a machine with a touchscreen connected to ser2 and
a PS2 mouse connected to ser1.

What is the correct way to initialize these on startup?

I can manually type in “devi-microtouch microtouch fd -d/dev/ser2 abs” after
bootup, and this properly starts up the touch screen. I tried to insert
this command in the rc.sysinit and sysinit files, but this did not work in

I then tried creating a /etc/config/trap/input.NODE file, inserting the
about, and then running inputtrap. This did not initialize the touchscreen.

I have only been able to get the mouse working once. I could not reproduce
this. When I run inputtrap -Vv, it does state that it found a ps2 mouse on

Any thoughts?