IDE Momentics import project

Hi all,

I’m testing the QNX Momentics IDE version R1.0 Build 0.137.

Let’s imagine we wrote a project on an IDE Momentics platform 1. I would
like to import that project on an IDE Momentics platform 2. After exporting
from the platform1 and copying the project to the platform 2, I tried to
import the project.

1/ A copy directly in the platform 2 workspace doesn’t work. The navigator &
the QNX project windows doesn’t display my project. Is it correct?

2/ I try to import my project from the filesystem to the platform 2
workspace (File>import…) but I can’t do it if the destination project
doesn’t already exist. In other words, it means that I must create an empty
project to import mine. Then, after opening my project in the navigator
window, the QNX Projects window never displays my project and I can’t
rebuild it… The project seems to be opened because the explorer window
menu context allows us to close the project.

Any suggestion to import a full project ?

Thanks for your help,