Crttrap problem


I am running a laptop with the ATI Mobility-M graphics chip. Various
websites report that QNX is a cool OS, so I decided to try it out. Now I
have the following problem:
When I start the system automatically, it freezes when running crttrap. As I
already found out, this is because of the fact, that It first starts the driver, and then Then my computer
freezes. The output looks likes this:

Running crttrap, please wait…
/usr/photon/bin/devgt-iographics -I0 -d0x1002,0x4c52
/usr/photon/bin/devgt-iographics -I0 -d0x1002,0x4c52

When I try to access the graphics-modes file, it says that it is corrupted.
But when I delete the graphics-modes file, remove the second line from
graphics-traplist (the one with and copy this file to
graphics-modes, everythings works fine … unfortunately only until the next
reboot. Then crttrap tries again to load and the laptop freezes.
Is there a way to permanently tell crttrap not to load

Many thanks,

…already solved the problem.