Is it me?

Just checking, a lot of stuff just does not work on my QNX installation.
For example, none of the game demos work, the latest version of Workspace
installed correctly with icon and everything but nothing happens, and
wierd stuff like the “View Log” button on the installer success message
has no effect at all. Even as I type the cursor gets further away from the
text as I get to the right hand edge of the text field.

I’ve got a dual processor PIII 450 (using the smp or uniprocessor core
makes no difference) and I’ve just installed patchAwith not difference.
I’ve got a super micro P6DBU mother board using the Intel 440BX chip set.
I use the vesa screen driver on a SGI SW1600 screen.

I’ve read lots of comments that imply things work (e.g. Workspace) and I’m
constantly disappointed when stuff does not work.

Can anyone give me any pointers?