Vertical Text

I heard a rumor that PhAB was going to start supporting displaying text vertically (or sideways) around QNX version 6.2, but I can’t find any evidence to support the rumor. We’re currently using bitmaps to display vertical text. Is there a better way?

Thanks, Dennis

I don’t recall any mention of this in the release note. By bitmap do you mean that you hand draw the text? If you do there are other solution.

You could have photon display each character in a PhImage, then rotate that bitmap and then display it. At startup the program could create all symbol at first and then it would be failry easy to write a fonction that display a string verticaly using the PhImage (one per character).

Another solution is to create some custom font that are rotated. Still can’ use Photon text primitive to display a string but you could at least display each character one by one.

  • Mario

Thanks, Mario,

I just wanted to make sure there wasn’t something new and wonderous that I was missing out on. I’m assuming they used some sort of graphics editor to create the bitmaps in the first place. Of course, now I have to update them somehow.


I used xmfbdef editor to create font (under LINUX) in the bdf format, then I use the tool bdf_2_phf to transform them info a format Photon can under stand. I used bdf_2_phf under QNX4 I assume it exists under QNX6?!?