configure direct serial connection with phlip in 6.2?

How do you configure a direct serial connection with phlip? Right
on the Connection tab, it says “These are the modem, direct serial,
and PPPoE connections used to connect to a remote network.”

There seems to be no “direct serial” setting. I’d think it would
appear under the Type drop box with the “Modem (Serial)” and
“Ethernet (PPoE)” options. If I select modem, the dialer insists
on me having a number to dial and sends an ATZ init string even
though the “Modem Init” field is blank. Seems like a direct
serial connection would not do a modem init and not require a phone

Also, how do you write a script when you select “Script” in the
“Login Type” box?

Anyhow, in the grand scheme of things, I’d like to use the
6.2 system to direct serial connect into a direct serial
“Incoming Connection” on a Windows XP system. It’s pretty
trivial to do with a Palm OS device, but this is frustrating.

Thanks for whatever help anyone provide.