QNX 4.25 & VMWare 4.5

I have successfully install QNX 4( with TCP/IP runtime) on VMWare (on Windows XP). But, I’m facing problem to connect QNX (virtual Guest OS) and Windows (Host OS) through TCP/IP ethernet. I cannot “ping” QNX from Windows, or vice versa.

Actually, I would like to set up a private network between Guest(QNX) and Host(Windows). I have used virtual network adapter ( and manually config QNX as However, the setup is not working. I’m not sure what is the problem. VMWare setting is correct because the same setting has been used in other Operating system. Can any one guide me how to setup the TCP/IP network in QNX 4? Please help! Your help is appreciated. For your information, I’m a newbie in QNX. Please kindly provide more hints for me. Thanks in advance!

Make sure their is no entry in the netmap file (if the MAC address doesn’t match TCPIP won’t work)

Also try to ping from Windows. When using private network (as opposed to bridged network) I often have to ping from the Windows host to initiate communication, not sure why.

I have try t remove entry in netmap file. However, it’s still not working. Any way, thanks for your suggestion.

Here are the steps I have (not sure if all needed, but it works for me):

  1. configure the virtual machine using the bridged network.
  2. boot into QNX 4, make sure /etc/config/netmap does NOT have a line corresponding to the local node. You need entry for other QNX 4 nodes on the network IF you want to use the QNX 4 FLEET.
  3. kill and restart “Net” and “Net.ether2100”.
  4. last to start tcpip, you may have a /etc/netstart for that. You can use dhcp or assign static IP. If you do static IP, make sure the IP and netmask, etc matches the real network that Windows is on.

Good luck.

PS: what version of tcpip runtime do you have?

Does QNX windows work under VMware…

Yes it does. However it’s much slower the Photon. I beleive it could be because it’s a 16bit program and VMware isn’t as good with 16 bit program. That’s just a theory though.